Enrollment Procedure

Steps to Enroll (First Year)

STEP 1 | Student prepares the requirements:

• Three (3) Long Folders

• Four (4) copies of recent 2X2 I.D. Picture (taken within the last 3 months)

• Original and two (2) Photocopies of the following (3 sets):
a) Admission Test Result Certification
b) NSO/PSA Birth Certificate (Original or Certified True Copy)
c) Form 138 / Senior High School Report Card
d) Good Moral Certificate
e) filled out Student profile sheet
f) Photocopy of Marriage Certificate (for Married students)

STEP 2 | Student proceeds to submit photocopy of requirements to College Dean/Program chair and is required to fill out:

g) Socio Economic profile form
h) Student Contract/Agreement

STEP 3 | Student is provided by the College Dean/Program chair a

i) signed Advising form specifying the required subjects, schedules and blocks to be enrolled.

STEP 4 | Student proceeds to the Guidance office and fills out the form provided. The advising form is stamped by the Guidance office before proceeding to the Registrar’s Office.

STEP 5 | Student submits the original copies of the requirements (a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h & i) to the records-custodian at the Registrar’s office. The requirements are then verified for completeness and correctness.

STEP 5A | The record-custodian at the Registrar’s Office enters the enrollment data of the student in the system. The student is then provided with a printed out Assessment.

STEP 6 | Students who will avail/opt-in of RA 10931 (Free tuition and other school fees under the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act) skip this step.

STEP 7 | Student proceeds to the Accounting Office - Assessment Section. The Accounting staff validates the Assessment Document in the system. The assessment is stamped with “OFFICIALLY ENROLLED.”

STEP 8 | Student returns to the Registrar’s office and presents assessment for issuance of the class cards.”

Congratulations, you are now enrolled!
Welcome to Cagayan State University!